Red Raider Orientation Handbooks

Clarity and Simplicity.

This is one of many sets of handbooks we have had the pleasure of preparing for Red Raider Orientation at Texas Tech University. From photography, to moving around little periods to finish that perfect spread, we do just about everything from cover to cover! RRO produces upwards of 20,000 handbooks per year to hand out to incoming students. It is a great experience to work with some excellent folks and to know we are creating one of the first pieces to influence thousands of freshman and transfer students coming into Texas Tech!

First Impressions, First Awards!

Last year we were excited to learn that our publication for Red Raider Orientation took a silver at our Local ADDY awards, put on by our chapter of the American Advertising Federation. We have heard of and experienced the success of these pieces from our friends at RRO and from students alike! But of course, it is always nice to hear some good things from an outside source as well! The last few years of working with the swell folks at RRO have been very excellent and we look forward to many more.

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